This is a test blog where I’m learning about and trying some things that will be part of another project which will be hosted under a different URL.

Since my teenage years I’ve spent time reading and writing poetry, and since my twenties I’ve played various instruments just well enough to enjoy myself. When someone asks what I play, I used to say “Fretted string instruments,” but to be honest, for the most part it’s guitars–but I think the guitar is a universe. It’s got bass and baritone registers, and upper registers played with a capo way up the neck. And altered tunings, and 12 strings, and electric guitars with all kinds of pickups, and nylon-stringed instruments with their soft pluck. And then I go and twist things around with odd electronic effects, or a MIDI pickup.

I’m often stumped when someone asks what kind of music I like. There are folks who like only one kind of music?

So what do bicycles have to do with it?  While a guitar extends the hands and makes them musical, the bicycle extends the human body and makes it faster, smoother and able to carry more.


2 thoughts on “About

    1. You seem to have fallen into this old test blog that I used when trying out things in the begining. The current things are all on frankhudson.org

      But yes, since no music is fattening, immoral, or promotes tooth decay, there’s no need to limit oneself!

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